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The next time you are booking vacation accommodations consider using a vacation home rental instead of a traditional motel or hotel. Also known as vacation homes, these privately-owned, fully-furnished houses and condos offer many advantages over hotels, motels, and other forms of conventional accommodations. Found in abundance from Orlando, Florida, to the beaches of Hawaii and all around the world, vacation home rentals provide special and unique holiday experiences unavailable elsewhere.

Vacation homes come in all shapes and sizes. They can be city houses, resort condos, townhouses, country farms, deep-woods cabins, ski resort chalets, lakeside bungalows, beach front ramblers, mountain cottages, or even luxury mansions on private islands. They can be found in the dark woods of Maine, the mountains of the Washington Cascades, the lush valleys of California, the rugged slopes of Alaska, and the tropical beaches of Hawaii - not to mention just about in every international destination you can imagine. No matter where your vacation plans take you or what you plan on doing once you get there - hiking, biking, skiing, diving, or just reading books and laying out in the sun - there are vacation rental properties ready to meet your needs.

Vacation rentals provide you with unparalleled space and privacy, which are so often lacking in the single room typically offered at a hotel or motel. With all of the amenities of your own home, like multiple bedrooms, fully-furnished living rooms, and many other comforts, vacation rentals are a great way to vacation like a local. Thanks to the available kitchen, you can cook your own basic or gourmet meals and don't have to eat out for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner - unless, of course, that's what you want. Preparing meals this way can be a great way to save money, especially if you are traveling with the kids.

And that is part of the most surprising thing about vacation homes; despite popular perceptions to the contrary, quite often they are a great travel lodging bargain. Many rental properties cost no more than a nice hotel room, even in popular resort destinations, but you get so much more with a vacation home rental. So the next time you are making travel plans, be sure to look up the vacation homes available at your destination. Renting one just might be the start of the holiday of a lifetime.

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