Maine Vacation Rentals

Visitors to Maine, United States will find many great attractions and activities that can add up to a perfect vacation or holiday. From one end of the state to the other, Maine vacation and holiday rentals provide all the convenience and luxuries of "homes away from home." Look in the list below to see all of the great vacation rental properties available in Maine.

Vacation Home Rentals in Maine

Vacation Rental Homes in the Maine Area

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    Minutes to Bar Harbor Jordan Point, your private 23 acres on the Ocean

    Driving down the 2000' private, wooded drive that winds through our 23 acre property you are welcomed by the reflecting pond and the home. Wanting to go inside you are drawn to the front lawn at the waters edge. Here on the front lawn at Jordan Point is a slice of heaven wrapped up in the coast of Maine with Cadillac and Sargent Mountain down the cove on the horizon. Listen, what's that, that's right you do not hear anything, except the ocean. This is why you're here.Now...

    • From $171 to $286 Weekly
    • house
    • 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, sleeps 8
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